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Personal Loan Types and Terms

Common Types of Personal Loans When you need access to cash, there are a number of personal loan products available to borrowers. Common types of personal loans include secured, unsecured, fixed- rate, variable-rate and debt consolidation loans. If you’re interested in securing a personal loan, it just makes good sense to understand the personal loan …

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Installment Loan Statistics

Installment Loan Statistics 2019 Installment loans are a very popular way to finance everything from an education to a new vehicle. These types of loans are considered those with fixed loan terms that have a set term length. The interest rate on this type of loan will vary depending on the individual, lender, and/or use …

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Payday Loan Statistics

Payday Loans Growing in 2019 Percentage of people in debt to payday loans Almost 80% of Americans are in debt to to financial lenders including payday loan places, which are supposed to be used for short term needs. There are now close to 12 million payday loan borrows who can not cover their daily expenses …

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