Lawsuit Loans

When you are engaged in some form of tort litigation, you are looking for a settlement to compensate you for injuries, loss of property, or loss of life. The loss that you suffered was caused by another individual. Loan Truth Lawsuit Loans understands the difficult position you may find yourself in as you are in the process of settling your case, and we want to help you.

Lawsuit Loans May Help You Negotiate with Confidence

If you have been the victim of an automobile accident, work injury, a slip and fall injury, or medical malpractice, your life changed instantly. Injuries may mean that you are not able to work. Still, your daily expenses keep rolling in. You have to pay for rent, you have to purchase food for yourself and your children, you have to pay for utilities, and there may be debts that you have.

On top of this, you may have added medical expenses because of your injuries. There may be the initial hospital bill that followed your injury. There are likely follow-up expenses for physical therapy and tests connected to your injury.

Insurance companies are flushed with cash. They are able to play a waiting game with you. They know that the longer they wait to settle your case, the more desperate you will become financially. Eventually, you may accept a settlement that is a lot less than what your case is worth.

USA Lawsuit Loans can help by providing you with financial resources you need to live while waiting for a settlement.

How Do Lawsuit Loans Work?

With a typical loan, you need to have collateral and good credit. The collateral and good credit serve as a guarantee that you are going to repay the loan. Lawsuit loans are non-recourse. This means that you only have to pay the loan back if you collect money from your case.

Instead of requiring collateral, what we require is that you have a lawsuit that has merit and a good possibility of being decided in your favor. We are not concerned with your work history or your credit history. This process allows you to get the money needed for your expenses now as opposed to months or years later when a settlement has been agreed upon. Your loan needs to be repaid once settlement money is paid out to you.

Loan Truth Lawsuit Loans has developed a reputation as being one of the most renowned law firms in the country. Since we are a direct lender, we are able to get money to you quickly. Our interest rates are low, and our approvals are quick. We don’t see you as just a number. We see you as a friend. Contact our lender banks today to get the financial support you need.

The Lawsuit Loan Process

Why a Lawsuit Loan is a Good Idea If you are involved in a lawsuit but need money before completion of the legal process,  Lawsuit Settlement Loans can be of assistance. We will work directly with your legal representative in order to rapidly access your case. After you apply, you may in some cases receive a cash advance in only 24 hours.
A lawsuit loan is wise because there are no upfront fees or monthly payments, and there is no requirement for either a credit check or verification that you have an income. Since we will only collect if you collect, you face no personal financial risk. A lawsuit loan will enable you to pay your personal bills and perhaps avoid a destructive foreclosure.
The application process is simple and can even be done online. After you apply, we will contact your attorney and request the pertinent documents. Our underwriting team will then review the facts in your case and, once approved, we will send both you and your legal representative the agreement. Upon receipt of the agreement, we will send you the money on the same day. Alternatively, you may wish to have the money sent by next day delivery via FedEx or may desire an immediate wire transfer to your bank account.
Since there is no financial risk to you, why wait to get help. Find out why a lawsuit loan is a good idea. Contact our lending banks today and request an application right over the telephone.
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