Student Loan Debt Statistics

Student Loan Debt Facts 2020 and 2019-2018 Statistics U.S. has $1.52 trillion in student debt. Tuition can cost over $20,000 a year. College students average $29,200 in student debt. Student loan [...]

Inflation Statistics

2019 the CPI was 251.712, with a monthly inflation rate of 0.2% 2019 yearly inflation rate was 1.6% Overall rise of core inflation over the past 3-years is close to 2.2%. Inflation is predicted [...]

Auto Loan Origination Statistics

Auto Loan Origination Facts, 2020 Trends and 2019-2018 Statistics Loans, as you already know, are amounts of money or other assets that are provided to borrowers in exchange for a promise to pay [...]

Refinance Statistics

Refinance statistics 2019-2020, 2018-2017 77% of refinanced loans take on 5% or more in dollar value $14.8 billion in home equity was exchanged for cash in the form of refinanced loans #1 reason [...]

Bad Credit Statistics

Bad credit loans are usually in the $500 to $5,000 Bad credit loan interest rates range from 6.4% to a high of 36.4%. Bad credit payday loans can have interest rates up to 28% Payday loans for [...]

Title Loan Statistics

Auto Title Loan Facts 2019 Auto title loans are a method to get money when needed. These short-term loans are provided by using a vehicle as collateral. The loans are often available in an amount [...]

Boat Loan Statistics

Boat Loan Statistics 2022-2021 Average boat loan terms are 16-20 years Boat financing is usually 15 years for vessels $25k-$74k ~ 33,000 boats sold per year 240 months or 20+ years ( 21-35% [...]

Online Loan Statistics

A Look Into Online Loan Statistics For 2019 Online loans are not anything new. They’ve been around since the dawn of time to help people afford things that they simply don’t have the [...]

Installment Loan Statistics

Updated 11-11-2022 Installment Loan Statistics 2022-2023 Interest rates on installment loans dropped 4% in 2021-2022(relative to Credit cards rates) Avg. income of installment loan borrower is [...]

Payday Loan Statistics

Payday Loan Statistics 2021-2022 The Fact is Loans are Growing From 2019 -2020 to now 79.6% of Americans are in debt to lenders 12 million yearly payday loan borrowers cannot cover daily expenses [...]

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