Personal Loan Types and Terms

Common Types of Personal Loans When you need access to cash, there are a number of personal loan products available to borrowers. Common types of personal loans include secured, unsecured, fixed- [...]

Installment Loan Statistics

Updated 11-11-2022 Installment Loan Statistics 2022-2023 Interest rates on installment loans dropped 4% in 2021-2022(relative to Credit cards rates) Avg. income of installment loan borrower is [...]

Payday Loan Statistics

Payday Loan Statistics 2021-2022 The Fact is Loans are Growing From 2019 -2020 to now 79.6% of Americans are in debt to lenders 12 million yearly payday loan borrowers cannot cover daily expenses [...]

Personal Loan Statistics

Personal Loan Statistics 2019-2020 31% of personal loans are to pay for cars and trucks $125 billion is owed to lenders in  2019 for personal loans From 1992-2019 the average value of a personal [...]